College Application Sports Videos

soccer2• Is your high school athlete trying to get on a college sports team?

• Is your high school athlete applying for a sports scholarship?

• Is your high schooler a more casual athlete who wants an extra edge with college applications?

With an athlete’s application, college coaches expect to see video of your son or daughter. If the coach is expecting a formal “admissions” type of video and you just send in a few minutes of footage, he or she might be disappointed.

However, if the coach has already seen your athlete play, or told you to just send in “nothing formal, just a few minutes,” then you don’t want to overdo it!

For some athletes, a college scholarship is out of reach, but video of their sports accomplishments can show that they are well-rounded students and deserve to get in to the college of their choice.

We can create a very casual video, or a more involved one, or anything in-between. We’ll put your video on a DVD or on the Internet.

A casual video consists of about five minutes of your athlete doing wonderful things during a game or practice, with some upbeat music in the background. This may be all that you need!

An admissions video has interviews with the high school coach or coaches, your athlete, and possibly a teammate or two, mixed in with footage from one or more games and practices, and lasts about ten minutes.

You can include information about your athlete, such as stats, GPA, number of years playing the sport, team successes, and other information that helps with admission. If you have photos over the years of your son or daughter playing sports, you can even add a “photo montage” that shows the dedication to the sport.  (Parents and students also enjoy the video as a high school keepsake!)

These days, sports scholarships are very competitive and this type of video is what puts your athlete above the other applicants and helps the coach remember him or her.

At Cloud Nine Productions, we know sports, and we know video.