Wedding FAQ

Why don’t you provide prices on your web site?

couple21aOur packages are unique, and tailored to meet your individual needs. Your final cost depends on how you want your event to be produced. When you make an appointment to discuss your video, we’ll explain what comes with the basic package and the different types of extras you can add to create the ultimate, personal video.

What happens when I schedule an appointment?

Once we have determined the availability of your date, we’ll get together to discuss your video and your event in detail. You can also see demos of previous work we have done. We want to get to know you so we can create the kind of video you will cherish!

My uncle has a digital video camera. Why should I hire a professional videographer?

Friends and relatives may make fine videos of your event. Then again, they might not. Your wedding vows may be inaudible, the picture could be shaky, or the batteries could run out just as you are cutting the cake (true stories). A professional has the advantage of having top-of the line equipment, as well as the experience to know how to make your video the best. Also, with expert editing, your video will be interesting to watch over and over again.

My church has very strict regulations about videotaping. How will you get around that?

We don’t “get around” regulations; we’ll work with your officiant to get the best possible video while still respecting the church rules. We encourage you to speak to your officiant about church regulations. We pride ourselves in being unobtrusive; this means no harsh lighting or interference of any sort.

Can you record my wedding in HD?

We record all our events in HD. You can choose whether you want a standard or Blu-Ray DVD, or a video file placed online for friends and family to view.

My friend is already married and her wedding is on VHS. Can you put it on DVD?

We can. VHS tapes don’t last forever. The longevity of a DVD is far superior to that of a VHS tape.